Seafood time!!! New Dishes & Market Stall!

Seafood time!!! New Dishes & Market Stall!

Feb 17, 2022Amy Thompson

Hello iCooked family,

This week we are doing some NEW things!

Tomorrow you can also find us at the Locals 4 Local Market between 3.30pm & 7pm at The Green in front of the Empire Theater. Would love to meet you, so come & chat! We will have food samples!

It is the very first market we will be at - if it goes well we might consider being at more in the future.

We also present two new dishes to you this week - YUM!

What is cooking this week?
AKA Amy's Recommendations for dinner


Creamy Dill & Garlic Seafood Linguine - LIMITED SPECIAL!

Made with a lot of love by Terri, who was feeling nostalgic for her time as Executive Chef at the old Weis Restaurant when it was THE place to go for seafood in Toowoomba! 

This decadent seafood linguine is filled with prawns, calamari, fish & mussels in an incredible creamy dill, garlic & lemon sauce. 

San Choy Bow (Chinese Chicken & Pork Lettuce Wrap Filling) (GF) (DF) - LIMITED SPECIAL!

This is one of my FAVORITE Chinese dishes! 

Lean chicken & pork mince stir fried in a fragrant savoury sauce made soy, ginger, garlic, oyster sauce & chilli. We love our veggies, so it is also filled with carrot, onion, corn, water chestnuts & fresh mint too! 

Traditionally, these are prepared as a starter with the hot mince filling encased in fresh, crunchy lettuce leaves to create a 'wrap'.

Braised Chicken, Bacon & Mushroom (GF)

Braised chicken, bacon & mushroom is a white wine & cream reduction. This is a tasty, creamy dish perfect to go with rice or pasta!

And did I mention the BACON? So yum!


Fun Facts: 

How do we choose the menu & new dishes?

It starts with a craving & seasonal ingredients.

Then Terri has FUN!

This week the craving lead to 25kg of Seafood Linguine :)

Order now for Pickup any weekday or book a delivery for Tuesday or Thursday!

Happy eating!


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