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We are developing new menu items all the time! Our menu does a changes seasonally
(Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter). Keep an eye out for new items that will show up
throughout the year.

Every dish we make has a complete ingredients list & allergen warning under its menu listing on our website.
Please note we make them in our mixed environment kitchen & all allergens may be

We make dishes might be applicable for the Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegetarian, Vegan & No Onion/ Garlic diets. You can search these through the product filter option on the website Menu page.
Please note we make them in our mixed environment kitchen & all allergens may be present.

We make our dishes in 3 sizes. No all dishes have multiple sizing though!
These sizes (generally) are:
Individual – serves 1 (complete meal)
Medium – serves 2 (add your own side dishes)
Large – serves 4 (add your own side dishes)

No. To provide great menu variety we have to make & snap freeze all our meals. Otherwise, choices would be limited!

Meals have a 12month freezer life from time of production. Most of our meals are all sold within 1 to 2 months of production, meaning they could still have a 10-month life in your freezer.


All meals are to be stored frozen.

Defrost your meals by removing from the freezer & placing in the fridge at least 12 hours before you would like to eat them. (If you forget to defrost them – use the defrost setting on your microwave prior to heating).
Heat your meals as per the instructions on the label (this information is also on our website under each product listing). Most meals can be heated either in the microwave or oven.


There are many ways!
Most people order through this website.
You can also call or text 0406 141 682 to place an order.

All website orders are paid at the time of order with credit card. Phone orders can be paid via credit card or cash on delivery.

There is no minimum spend. Free delivery is available for orders over $100.

Yes! Just call 0406 141 682 within business hours (8am to 2pm, Monday to Friday)


8am to 2pm, Monday to Friday from Warehouse 1, 2 Civil Court, Harlaxton QLD 4350
If you would like to pickup outside of these hours, please call 0406 141 682.

Upon placing an online order, you will be asked to select a delivery date & time.
Our delivery days are currently Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday from 11am to 4pm.

We delivery to Toowoomba (4350), Highfields (4352) & any other location within 30min of Toowoomba CBD.

We currently deliver 3 days a week within Toowoomba & surrounds.


You will receive your gift voucher electronically either via text or email. It will be sent through
to the details you enter at the online checkout.

Yes, simply call us on 0406 141 682 or email
We will set up the specific amount on the website for you to purchase online.

1. Check your phone (for a text) & your email inbox.
2. Check your email spam folder (sometimes they sneak in there).
3. Check your email / phone number was entered correctly at checkout.
4. Call us on 0406 141 682 or email


1. Have your Care Provider Manager send us a referral email (this grants us authority to charge against your package funding so we can apply the meal subsidy discounts to
your order).
2. We will create your customer account & notify you.
3. You can then order! Orders can be done online or via phone.

1. Let us know you will be ordering online & we will send you an emailed account
2. Accept the account invitation & create a login with password.
3. Every time you order – login to your account first. Then place items in your cart & shop as normal. At the check out your meal subsidy discount will automatically apply to your order.

Each care plan is different.
If you are eligible for a meal subsidy it is for 70% of the cost of your meal. Our meals will average $3.50 to $4.50 each with the meal subsidy applied.

There is no minimum spend however each NDIS / Home Care package order is charged a delivery & administration fee.
To get the best value out of your package funding, we recommend you order 5 meals or more each time.

Yes! We have lots of visitors.
Our office hours are from 8am to 2pm, Monday to Friday. We are located at from Warehouse 1, 2 Civil Court, Harlaxton QLD 4350. Simply visit within those timeframes.

There is no required frequency of order however each NDIS / Home Care package order is
charged a delivery & administration fee.

Sadly, no. We have to claim the 70% meal subsidy discount through a provider. You can still buy our meals at full price through if you wish!

Yes, just let us know what you would like on the repeat order by calling us on 0406 141 682 or email

Yes, but only if you order via phone & pay cash on delivery or collection.

Call us on 0406 141 682 or email & we will add you to the our mailing list. This will be mailed to you 4 times a year (Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter).
Please note we will stop mailing to you if you haven’t ordered in the last 6 months.

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