Cottage Pie (GF)


One of our all-time best sellers & a personal favourite!

Creamy, fluffy, REAL mash potato topping savoury beef mince made with lots of veggies. We slow cook the beef filling with fresh herbs, stock & sauces to create a delicious flavour. 

Its a comfort food worth stocking your freezer with for those hard days!


Store frozen! Defrost in your fridge. Eat within 2 days. Remove film prior to heating.

Individual: Microwave 2-3min / Oven 160C 10-15min. 

Medium: Microwave 3-4min / Oven 160C 15-20min. 

Large: Microwave 6-7min / Oven 160C 30-35min. 

Serve by itself or with our Gourmet Focaccia Herb Bread! Enjoy!

BEEF; CARROT; CELERY; ONION; PEAS; WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE (white vinegar; onion; garlic; spices; colour (150d); water; molasses; food acid (260); sugar; salt; colour (150c); flavours; fish powder (anchovy)); TOMATO (salt; food acid (citric)); POTATO; MILK; CREAM (milk); BUTTER  (cream (milk); salt); RICE FLOUR; CHEESE  (milk; enzyme (non-animal rennet; cultures) anti-caking agent (starch); 200); GARLIC; BEEF STOCK  (rice flour; natural vegetable flavours; caramelised sugar syrup (natural); disodium guanylate & inosinate; canola oil); ITALIAN HERBS; OLIVE OIL; THYME; PEPPER; SALT; 

Milk; Fish  

Gluten Free by ingredient only. 

Made in a mixed environment kitchen.

Servings: 1 Serving size : 400g
  Avg.Qty. / Serving Avg.Qty. / 100g
Energy 207.68 kJ 51.91 kJ
Calories 49.64 Cal 12.41 Cal
Protein 0.69 g 0.17 g
Fat, Total 3.46 g 0.86 g
      - Saturated 2.23 g 0.55 g
Carbohydrate 3.36 g 0.84 g
      - Sugars 2.05 g 0.51 g
Sodium 198.2 mg 49.55 mg