Hearty, home-cooked meals delivered to your door

Hearty, home-cooked meals delivered to your door

Sep 02, 2015iCooked (Test) Admin

As featured in the Toowoomba Chronicle by Meghan Harris

IF you think you are too busy to eat hearty, healthy, home-cooked meals, think again.

Toowoomba mum-of-three Megan Neilson will cook them for you and deliver them straight to your door.

After working as an accountant for most of her life Mrs Neilson decided to be her own boss and start her business, Cooked.

She said the idea behind the business was to take the hassle out of preparing home-cooked meals.

"When I was an accountant I was working all the time and I'd come home and have nothing to feed my own children," she said.

"That's when I decided to stop work and start making meals.

"I figured I can't be the only mum who doesn't have time to cook for her family after a busy day at work

"One weekend my husband and I made as many pies and lasagnes as we could and gave them out to people.

"My neighbour said she knew people who would be interested and it went from there."

Mrs Neilson went from cooking five meals in one sitting to 50.

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They range from Thai green curry, massaman curry, lamb pie, meatballs and lasagne to cakes and slices.

"It's for families like mine who want to eat well but just don't have the time," she said.

"Everything is home-cooked and there are no added nasties.

"They are the sort of meals you would want to make for your family."

The free delivery is another reason Mrs Neilson's business has boomed.

She said she was happy to deliver to her customers.

"We deliver the meals every Thursday and it's nice to hear people say that we have made their life so much easier," she said.

"If people miss out on ordering for the week, my meals are also in the freezer at the Mackenzie Row Convenience Store."

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