Remote Catering Orders


We accept bulk orders for remote catering!

Our delicious meals are popular with Farmers, Harvesters, Cotton Pickers, Truck Drivers, Remote Workers, Government Shift Workers, Long Stay Accommodation Providers, Seasonal Workers, Work Crews, Families dealing with illness or new babies, Rural Golden Oldies who don't cook & stock up their freezers!
Contact us at or 0406 141 682 to chat about options.

Heat your meal while driving!!!

Our 'Meals for One' size meals fit into 12volt camping ovens.

These ovens are available from camping stores for about $120-200 & work from a vehicle cigarette lighter.

Remote catering 

With the shortage of cooks & chefs able to travel to remote locations, we have stepped up to provide our meals in bulk for these situations.
These meals are supplied frozen & can be stored for up to 12 months (from date of production).
You can order up to 150 meals immediately without preordering or lengthy lead times.
For more than 150 meals, contact us on 0406 141 682 or email us at for a timeframe on how long it will take us to cook for you. 

How do I order for remote catering? 

You can order through our website as per normal.
To make the process easier, you can instead email at
In that email tell us:
1. Number of meals you need
2. Variety or selection of meals from our menu
3. Day for collection from our kitchen at Warehouse 1, 2 Civil Court Harlaxton QLD 4350 OR information for us to quote for refrigerated shipping 



Storage & Heating

Our meals are stored frozen.

They have a 12 month storage life from day of production. Simply keep them in your freezer!
Before you heat them we highly recommend you defrost.
Our dishes are microwave-safe & oven-safe (if you remove the plastic film!).