When we reach for comfort food.... we go all out with classy traditional favorites!😍

When we reach for comfort food.... we go all out with classy traditional favorites!😍

May 20, 2022Amy Thompson

Hello iCooked family,

This week we have been pouring over the menu & working out what dishes we would love to bring you in the coming weeks!

Some of the dishes in development are Cream Cheese Wild Berry Strudel, Osso Bucco, Moroccan Lamb & French Farmhouse Chicken (all these dishes are draft titles only - I will have fun with the names later on!). 

While these dishes are in the creative, development zone we felt like bringing back two old favourites & adding in a spectacular dessert.

Our Pork Medallions with Apple & Caramelized Onions (also known as Normandy Pork) is back for Autumn. Terri has painstakingly cut +20kg of pork into the perfect medallions while Susan tackled peeling and coring a similar amount of apples. This is not a quick dish by any means but a labor of love. And it tastes AMAZING as a result!

We have also made a final batch of the Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni Pasta Bake . This recipe is delicious so it is its last outing before we rest it for a couple of months so we can have some new dishes on the shelves! So if this is a favourite of yours, order some now while we have it as it will disappear over the coming weeks!

We also have a NEW dessert, Oma's Toasted Pecan Apple Streusel. It has four mouth watering layers, eaten on their own they are fabulous... together they are just... WOW! Its a new favourite of mine :)


Fun Facts: 

Our walk in freezer is nicknamed 'Antarctica' & it is COLD.

Freezing in fact....

When working in there it is coats, gloves, hats ... the whole works to keep the cold at bay.

Kristina is the Queen of Antarctica and keeps us organised with sorting the new dishes, preparing outgoing orders & keeping our stock rotating. She is wonderful! That's her above caught in action.

Order now for Pickup any weekday or book a delivery for Tuesday or Thursday!

Happy eating!



Amy & the iCooked team


Pork Medallions with Apple & Caramelized Onions (GF) 

Classy Comfort food at its best!


Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni Pasta Bake 

Our last batch for the Autumn season!


Oma's Toasted Pecan Apple Streusel


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