Introducing the new and delicious Osso Bucco!

HAVE YOU HEARD THE NEWS? We have introduced a new menu item and we are sure it will stir up your taste buds!

Introducing the new and delicious Osso Bucco!

If you like our ragu, you’ll love this Italian braise by Philip Johnson of Ecco fame.

Traditionally Osso Bucco is served with the bones, however we’ve removed them in our servings so you get more sauce!

This dish goes perfectly wish mashed potato or polenta with green beans. Yum!

To start, we dust our Osso Bucco bones with flour and we seal them in a pan with salt and pepper with a splash of olive oil. We then cook the veggies, including onion, garlic, carrots, celery and leek until it’s all golden.

We deglaze the pan with some white wine and pop all of the ingredients in the oven, with tomatoes, tomato paste and beef stock and cook for a few hours so the meat falls off the bone and melts in your mouth!

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