Delivering to 4350 and 4352 twice a week

Delivering to 4350 and 4352 twice a week

Jul 25, 2018iCooked Admin

We deliver to the Toowoomba community every Tuesday and Thursday.  Just place your order by midnight the day before to be included in the next delivery run.  When ordering you can choose which date and time best suits you and we'll happily delivery to your home or work place.  Easy Peasy!

The majority of our products come frozen with the occasional fresh special.  Don't fret though, just because it's frozen doesn't mean it's not good for you!  We cook everything by hand, package it up and then freeze it down to lock in the goodness.  It also means if you don't eat it straight away it doesn't matter.  If you do want to eat it straight away that's no problem either as all our products are designed to go straight into your oven or microwave.

Depending on the size of your order it will come in a brown paper bag or a white polystyrene box.  Our product lasts hours in this box.  This picture shows what a typical box of our iCOOKED products looks like.

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