Are you looking for some Winter Warmer meals? ❄⛄❄ Try our delicious Osso Bucco, Wild Berry Cream Cheese Strudel and Pea & Ham Soup 😘

Hello iCooked family,

A beautiful thing about winter is cooking in the warmth of the kitchen while outside is LITERALLY freezing (the frost this morning was gorgeous!). 

This week we had many, many dishes to catch up on cooking as all of our stock seems to have been running low all at once. 

These dishes were popped through this week & if you were disappointed when you ordered to find that they were out of stock, you can order now: 
Butter Chicken
Cheesy Bolognese Pasta Bake
Classic Lasagna
Spiced Pumpkin Mini Loaf
Chicken Noodle Soup

We also have a SPECIAL of 10% off Bolognese Sauce! 
When making our gorgeous Classic Lasagna we ended up with extra Bolognese.
It is Gluten & Dairy Free Friendly.


Fun Facts: 

We are (mostly) paperless!

Our recipes are stored on iPads and we use those in the kitchen to make us more efficient. Above is Susan working with one.

You can imagine the hundreds of recipes we use as we have sides, sauces, soup, seasonal dishes, desserts, in development items. etc.

We also have a archive of beautiful recipes that we 'rest' for a while and bring back at different times of the year. 

Order now for Pickup any weekday or book a delivery for Tuesday or Thursday!

Happy eating!



Amy & the iCooked team


Osso Bucco (GF)

Something special for winter!


Cream Cheese Wild Berry Strudel

We haven't skimped on the Cream Cheese & it is so very delicious!


Pea & Ham Soup (GF) (DF) 

Old favourite, made with love!