All of a sudden.... AUTUMN! Meet the Team!

All of a sudden.... AUTUMN! Meet the Team!

Apr 01, 2022Amy Thompson

Hello iCooked family,

I mention our wonderful Terri (Head Chef) often in these letters BUT we have a whole team behind her that are equally as wonderful. They take on the 'quieter' roles to produce the incredible iCooked food every week.

This week I managed to capture 3 of them in the act (there are another 2 that are elusive!).

Above is Susan, who is nearly finished her chef's apprenticeship & is learning to run the iCooked cook. This means that Terri will be able to have holidays this year without me having to step in!!!

Susan is PASSIONATE about good food & is an incredible baker (#dreamingofcake).

Below is Emma (peach shirt) & Kristina.

Emma holds the record of longest serving team member (going on 5 years!) and knows Toowoomba BETTER than the back of her hands. Naturally she is our go-to person for deliveries, so you will see her around.

Kristina (aka my mum!) has taken on the challenge this year of running the iCooked operations. She prepares delivery schedules, manages our stock on hand, talks to all of you about your orders & a hundred other things that I no longer have to know about. 

What does that leave me to do?
Hmmmm.... all the marketing & making our product labels.... 

My job is awesome :)


So what have we been up to cooking this week?

Syrian Chicken (GF) (DF)
Brazilian Coconut Cannellini Curry (GF) (DF) (Veg) (Vegan)
Chicken & Leek Pie
Farmhouse Beef Pie (DF)
Cottage Pie (GF)

Fun Facts: 

As the weather cools we are bringing back some old favorite dishes!!! I am personally so excited for the Syrian Chicken. 

Order now for Pickup any weekday or book a delivery for Tuesday or Thursday!

Happy eating!



Amy & the iCooked team


Syrian Chicken (GF) (DF) 



Brazilian Coconut Cannellini Curry (GF) (DF) (Veg) (Vegan)

The whole family will love this one - it is gorgeous!


Chicken & Leek Pie

This one is perfect for this colder weather - creamy chicken & leek pies. 

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