Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni Pasta Bake (Veg) - NEW! OVEN SAFE ONLY!

Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni Pasta Bake (Veg) - NEW! OVEN SAFE ONLY!

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For this delicious traditional Italian dish, we pipe a creamy mixture of spinach & ricotta into uncooked cannelloni pasta tubes, smother them with a basil & lemon tomato sauce & sprinkle with cheese.

As the dish cooks the ricotta cheese bakes, the pasta expands & the sauce thickens developing the amazing flavours!

Inspired by a Jamie Oliver recipe (Thanks Jamie!).

Serving Instructions

Store frozen. Defrost in your fridge.  Preheat oven to 180C. 

INDIVIDUAL SIZE: Oven ONLY 160C 15-20min.  

MEDIUM SIZE: Oven ONLY  160C 25-30min. 

LARGE SIZE: Oven ONLY  160C 35-40min. 


Eat within 48 hours of defrosting.

Serve by itself or with our Gourmet Focaccia Herb Bread! Enjoy! 



CANNELLONI PASTA (durum wheat semolina); MOZERELLA (milk; salt; culture; enzymes (rennet; lipase), 509; 460; 200); PARMESAN (milk; salt; culture; enzymes (rennet; lipase); calcium chloride (509); anticaking agent (460); preservative (200)); SPINACH; RICOTTA (milk; milk solids; acidity regulator (260); salt; preservative (202); FETA (milk; salt; lactic cultures; rennet (non-animal)); LEMONS; NUTMEG; PEPPER; EGGS; CRUSHED TOMATO (sugar; thickener (1422); salt); ONION; RED WINE (grapes; sulphites); BASIL; TOMATO  PASTE (salt; food acid (citric)); GARLIC; OLIVE OIL; ITALIAN HERBS; SUGAR; 

 ALLERGENS: Milk; Wheat; Eggs; Sulphites

Servings / PKG : 1 Serving size : 400 gm
  Avg.Qty. / Serving Avg.Qty. / 100g
Energy 1452.021 kJ 363.005 kJ
Calories 347.041 Cal 86.76 Cal
Protein 18.066 g 4.517 g
Fat, Total 11.441 g 2.86 g
      - Saturated 7.035 g 1.759 g
Carbohydrate 38.308 g 9.577 g
      - Sugars 15.878 g 3.969 g
Sodium 1296.931 mg 324.233 mg

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