Celebration Roast Dinner Package (GF) - Serves 4

Celebration Roast Dinner Package (GF) - Serves 4

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Life is incredibly busy & sometimes the only thing preventing us from spending time with the people we care about is the time consuming nature of creating beautiful food to feed them.

With this in mind we have put together a gorgeous Roast Dinner Package, where all you have to do is pop a few things in the oven & convince someone to wash up after dinner.

This package contains:

  • The Paddock's Rolled Pork Roast with Apple, Cranberry & Pistachio Stuffing (GF) (DF) (Egg Free) - 1.5kg
  • Rosemary Potato Bake Pie (GF) (Veg) - 600g
  • Zesty Maple Glaze Vegetables (GF) (DF) (Vegan) (Vegetarian) - 400g
  • Gravy (GF)

Everything comes frozen & ready for whenever you decide to have your special celebration!

If you would like enough for a family of 8, simply order 2 of this package!

Serving Instructions

Store frozen. Each dish has different cook times, so read the packaging carefully and follow the instructions. You will need your oven for this one. 

Gluten Free Friendly. 
Made in a mixed environment kitchen.




Dried Cranberries; Granny Smith Apple; Pistachio; Red Onion; Brown Rice; Cranberry Juice; Ground Cinnamon; Ground Ginger; Onion Powder; Fresh Sage; Celery Salt; Cracked Pepper; Olive Oil.


Potato; Onion; Milk; Cream; Cheese; Butter; Rosemary; Vegetable Stock (Soy); Salt; Pepper; 


Carrot; Green Beans ; Snow Peas; Squash; Capsicum; Broccolini; Lemons; Olive Oil; Maple Syrup; Salt; Bicarbonate Soda


Beef Stock ; Chicken Stock; Water; Salt; Pepper; Worcestershire Sauce; Chives; Butter; Red Wine; Corn Flour


ALLERGENS: Contains Dairy & Nuts (Pistachio). May contain traces of Soy.

For Nutritional Facts, please read the labels on the various dish.

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