Your food is amazing. You do a wonderful job. Thank you for making my life a helluva lot easier!

Cottage Pie


Chicken Pie piece 3Brill pie last night, yum scrum.  You help ease my life! x


Asian Salad w OrangeWe had the delicious chicken last night. Thank you soooo much. It was yumbo! I had been working out of town all day and didn’t get back in until 6.30pm. It was quick, delicious but also healthy.

(Pork Kebabs) Yet another winner! G was soooo excited when I told her it was your night to cook. I am loving a night off having to prepare and think about food and just enjoy!


Beef Mussaman 2We r eating the mussaman curry... so so yummy.  Thank you for beautiful food and one job that will be easier this week.  Congratulations!  Can't wait to try this weeks.


Yummo!!! The Vietnamese salad was a hit!!! So fresh and tasty.  I could eat it everyday.  I think our house is a bit saner on Megan nights.  

Moussaka piece


Moussaka was incredible.  So easy to pull out of the freezer and the kids loved it too - large was a perfect size for the family.


 lamb ragu




We all loved the lamb ragu.  B in particluar. The best meal he's ever eaten!! 


Butter chicken rocks and I love it.  Keep up the good work :) Sally

Pinapple pork skewers 1Oh my goodness the pork skewers were delicious. And I would be happy just eating that salad every day. 


Bolognese3We had the Bolognese sauce last night.  

And loved it!  

Meatballs on spoon 2Meatballs were rated 10/10 by the family.


Megan our dinner was fab!!!!!!! We had the Italian meat balls and tomato sauce.  Cheers Max :) x


Lasagne2Hi Megan! Your lasagne was amazing - thank you so much for a very easy Fri night dinner.


(Age 11)

Cooked Butter Chicken Outside 2Probably the best thing I've ever eaten! (Butter chicken)

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