The Food at Cooked

Healthy eating is at the core of the Cooked Toowoomba food philosophy.  We believe that “good life long health” requires eating good food.  For this reason everything we prepare at Cooked Toowoomba begins with the best ingredients available.  

The Cooked Service

There wouldn’t be many people out there who actually choose to eat unhealthy food.  But when the mountain of jobs that has to be done each day gets too high dinner can become an after thought.  I know there are days I have finished work, picked up the kids, dropped them at sport, ducked into the butchers and bought some meat, attended to another five desperately necessary jobs, collected the kids from sport and finally made it home by 6.30pm.  By then I’ve found the thought of cooking all too much and I’ve ended up offering toast or cereal. (This delights the kids but I know it cannot be good).

Our Story


Cooked was founded in 2015 by Megan Neilsen out of a love for cooking good healthy food that she could share with her family and friends. 

In 2017 Megan sold the business to Dan and Edwina Farquhar who also share a similar love of great food.  They and hope to help the people of Toowoomba fill their fridge with awesome home cooked meals that they can share with their families and friends. 

We hope that you enjoy the food from Cooked and look forward to cooking for you soon.


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