Jo in the Cooked Kitchen

Introducing Jo - fabulous cook with years of experience in catering, a mum and Goondiwindi girl!

Jo Jesse copy


Mrs Zee Lunch Box Queen

         Mrs Zee logo

Introducing Mrs Zee - Katie Ziesemer  

Katie Ziesemer - Mrs Zee

Mrs Zee is here to help out on those stressful school/work mornings by providing yummy wholesome food that you can pack into lunch boxes for both your children and family. We sneak in those vege's wherever we can.

Every week Cooked will add a selection of Mrs Zee's favourite lunch box treats


Michelle in the Cooked Kitchen

Michelle - Qualified Chef. Mixing the delicious and bright Stir Fry vegetables to accompany the Spirit House Black Bean and Ginger!

Michelle is still baking her puddings and cakes for us here at Cooked but doing so from her own business the fabulous Sabellah Cakes and Desserts

Michelle Tully


Jalbirri Googums Free Range Eggs

We spent a lovely afternoon visiting Andrew and Ali Rhule on their Free Range egg and crop farm near Biddeston. We came to check their chickens and eggs after Andrew wrote to me telling me how great they were. Well we tasted them and they were amazing! The yolk is yellow, the white is so firm - try poaching them, you will never look back and the taste.....

Jalbirri Me Andrew Ali Baby

Andrew and Ali have this to say about why they started their Free Range Egg business:

Chronicle Wednesday 2nd September 2015

Chronicle Video of Cooked In Action!

 | 2nd Sep 2015 6:00 AM

If you think you are too busy to eat hearty, healthy, home-cooked meals, think again.

Toowoomba mum-of-three Megan Neilson will cook them for you and deliver them straight to your door.

After working as an accountant for most of her life Mrs Neilson decided to be her own boss and start her business, Cooked.

She said the idea behind the business was to take the hassle out of preparing home-cooked meals.

"When I was an accountant I was working all the time and I'd come home and have nothing to feed my own children," she said.

isa Matthews (left) and owner Megan Neilson
Lisa Matthews (left) and owner Megan NeilsonBev Lacey

Carolyn in the Cooked Kitchen

Introducing Carolyn - legend Toowoomba cook and caterer, mother of 3 hungry boys and Kitchen Coordinator at Cooked!

Carolyn McCormack


Sommerville, Merrin, Neilson Optometrists Russell Street Garden

About 3 months ago we landscaped the side of the house that David's optometry practice works from.  It used to be an old swimming pool that had been filled in and had turned to weeds and mud.  Now look at it!!! With some tender care from Katie, Em and Scottie there are more salad leaves than we can eat, the weekend pesto production on the basil has hardly made a dent and the beans and snow peas are flourishing.


Mums Not Machines

Everything at Cooked is Hand Made. We have a big oven and big pots. But this is not a factory. We cook from scratch, using fresh, seasonal ingredients. 

These are the Mums behind the meals at Cooked.......                Mums not Machines


Chef Steps Website - Fantastic for Cooks & Chefs

One of my favourite websites for cooking tips. Most of the recipes or tips are on video - so super easy to follow. They get into the science behind the recipe, making it easier to see how to substitute or why you do what you do!

Take a look at this simple video on how to peel garlic for instance.....

Chef Steps Garlic Peeling



Sharon in the Cooked Kitchen

Introducing Sharon - Wonderful help in the kitchen. Here she is topping and tailing the snow peas for one of our delicious meals!

Sharon Dray Cooked Kitchen


Mel in the Cooked Kitchen

Introducing Mel - one of the new faces in the Cooked kitchen. Here we are making the salad for the Vietnamese chicken salad. Huge help today with a sprint finish to get it all done before school pickup!! 

Mel Hyde in the Kitchen


Scenic Rim Robotic Dairy

The Neilson family had a great tour of the Scenic Rim Robotic Dairy in Tamrookum near Beaudesert. What a treat! Thank you Leah for all your time..

Famr gate

The Scenic Rim Farm Gate

We were able to see how the cows walk themselves into the milking stalls when they are ready. They have a lovely shower to keep cool and then into the robotic milking machine. The machine uses lasers to assess the cow’s health and to attach to its teats. Once milked the cow walks via the back scratcher out to the fields to feed on rich grass. When she feels like a rest there is a massive open sided barn where she can lie down on a soft compost floor. It certainly looks like a great life to us!!

Robotic milker

Robotic Milking Machine

The milk is pasteurised only (not homogenised). It is full cream milk, nothing removed, nothing added. It is minimally processed, which is better for the milk and better for the health of everyone drinking it. The milk is farm gate fresh being delivered within 2-3 days of being milked from the cow – hard to get any fresher than that! 

Highlife Magazine 30th July 2015

Highlife Magazine Article 30th July 2015

Megan Neilson’s

Home Cooked Meals


As a mother of three, Megan Neilson knows how tough it can be finding time to cook healthy dinners night after night. One weekend, after successfully cooking five chicken and leek pies and five lasagnas,  Megan decided to turn her love of food into a business and that is when Cooked was born. “I love to cook, I love good healthy food and I love knowing that my family is eating well. Cooked fulfills all that I love, and hopefully makes my customer’s lives a bit easier too.”

Laura Busy Delivering Cooked Meals

Laura, one of the longest serving members of the Cooked team! You will find her popping up all over Toowoomba every Thursday, delivering our meals.

Gin & Tonic Slushy

At Christmas time all the kids received one of those brightly coloured slushy making cups.  Our eldest daughter offered to transform our afternoon G & T into a slushy.  Wow!  What a revelation.  Absolutely brilliant.

Toowoomba Cook - Lisa Matthews

Baked On Campbell Image


Lisa Matthews; legendary Toowoomba cook, co-author of multiple cook books and maker of sweet treats extraordinaire - hummingbird, raspberry friand, citrus poppy seed, chocolate mud has stepped out of the Cooked kitchen to concentrate on her new venture: Baked on Campbell - cakes and slices.

Rest assured however we will still see her around as Cooked are a proud seller of Lisa's sweet treats.


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